First-home buyers don’t need to sacrifice quality



The company offers a variety of complete home and lifestyle options within their masterplanned communities at The Hermitage in Gledswood Hills, NSW and Ecco Ripley in Ipswich, Queensland.

According to Craig Barnes, sales, marketing, and customer relations manager for The Hermitage, Gledswood Hills and SHAWOOD Homes, prospective first-home buyers can expect an innovative housing product that offers superior aesthetic finishes, organic design principles and a high level of quality craftsmanship.

Barnes says that each SHAWOOD home is meticulously crafted and has evolved from over 20 years of research and development in Japan.

“[Sekisui House’s range of] SHAWOOD homes maximise the use of space with light-filled, open plan interiors, integrating with outdoor living spaces, providing convenient and thoughtful connectivity,” he says.

A benefit for first-home buyers is that they can move into a Sekisui House home with nothing more to do; even the landscaping is included.

“Indoors and out, Sekisui House and SHAWOOD provide the complete designer home,” says Mr Barnes.

Barnes says that he expects first-home buyers to be well represented as purchasers in their most recent release of SHAWOOD homes.

“Ravenwood is a boutique enclave of 38 residences within The Hermitage and all of the remaining homes within this release are priced so that first-home buyers can take advantage of the NSW Government’s recently announced stamp duty exemptions,” says Barnes.

“Ravenwood by SHAWOOD demonstrates that a highly architectural featured residence can still be purchased without compromising on price or liveability.”

Residents of The Hermitage will also enjoy 155 hectares of open space, including a future 120-hectare golfing precinct. The proposed Gledswood Village will be the urban civic heart of the estate and will offer retail, recreational and entertainment conveniences to the local community.

In addition to the expansive green open spaces, The Hermitage will accommodate more than 50 kilometres of shared pedestrian and cycle ways.

Sekisui House considers the long-term value for residents and plans for their changing needs at different life stages. Barnes says a masterplanned community offers first-home buyers an opportunity to evolve and be part of a growing community.

“More often than not, there are many like-minded residents who find themselves in similar purchasing circumstances, providing home buyers a sense of confidence and wellbeing,” he says.

Similarly, first-home buyers in Queensland don’t have to sacrifice quality and space to get into the housing market. Scott Blaney, Sekisui House Queensland state sales manager says that Ecco Ripley, positioned only 40 minutes from Brisbane’s CBD, offers an abundance of infrastructure and green space.

“At Ecco Ripley every home is within 400 metres of parklands, and it offers unrivalled proximity to the Ripley Town Centre with a supermarket, specialty stores, and medical centre currently under construction and due to open early 2018,” he says.

“Everything you need is on your doorstep; you’ve got the ability to go to the nearby shops, enjoy the vast parklands with walking and cycle paths, and attend community events that a masterplanned community can deliver. And there’s more to come. As the community grows, more and more infrastructure will be delivered.”

Sekisui House offers a number of new home options within the masterplanned community that are perfect for first-home buyers, all featuring modern fixtures and fittings, and a number of full turn key options complete with fully landscaped gardens.

The diverse home types offered include terraces, townhouses, duplexes, and freestanding homes, ensuring that first-home buyers have the opportunity to live and thrive in this innovative and sustainable community.

“We find that most of the first-home buyers tend to have busy lifestyles; they want to go to the gym, or go out for coffee or lunch on days off and tend to not want big yards that they have to maintain every weekend,” Blaney says.

Ecco Ripley is Sekisui House’s flagship sustainable community, achieving a five-star Green Star rating from the Green Building Council of Australia in 2015. It demonstrates the company’s commitment to creating lasting value for residents.

Sekisui House makes it even easier for those new to the property market with their First Home Toolkit.

“It’s a great resource that we’ve put together with tips and advice about how to enter the property market, and information that will help the first-home buyer make better decisions,” Blaney says.