Flick the switch to a sustainable energy provider

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It can be tricky enough to get your head around the complexities of the energy market and so it’s no easy task choosing which energy provider is right for you and your home.

Let’s be honest – most of us are on the hunt for a deal that is affordable and reliable, but more recently, we’re looking to make the switch to renewable energy to power our homes.

In 2017, Australia saw a 41 per cent increase in the number of installed energy capacity systems across the country and it’s expected to grow exponentially over the next few years.

In South Australia, Tesla is piloting the world’s largest battery as a leading source of dispatchable power.

And yet, 80 per cent of our electricity still comes from coal and gas, both of which are big contributors to Australia’s carbon footprint.

That’s why when you’re buying a new home or apartment, it’s important to shop around for the best deal for your back pocket and the planet.

There are a number of handy resources out there to help you make the choice that suits you.

The Green Electricity Guide is just one of them and provides a one to five star rating scale for Australian energy retailers. Want to know what the best picks are? The answers might surprise you.


Melbourne-based energy retailer Powershop sits under its New Zealand parent company Meridian energy and boasts some amazing sustainability credentials. It’s invested in a wide range of renewable energy from solar, wind and hydro power to boost the uptake of clean electricity in our market. What makes it a winner?

  • It owns only renewable assets, with emissions intensity close to zero

  • Strong public position against investing in fossil fuels

  • It doesn’t have contracts to buy energy from fossil fuel power stations

  • Higher than average GreenPower price

  • Involved in and supportive of local energy trading, demand response and community energy projects

Diamond Energy

Owning over a thousand rooftop solar installations, as well as biogas power plants, Melbourne-based retailer Diamond Energy is a market innovator. How?

  • It supports local energy trading and offers specific tariffs for solar battery exports

  • It’s not involved in demand management/response programs and does not offer carbon offsets (apart from GreenPower)

  • Owns only renewable assets, with zero emissions intensity


Australia’s second largest electricity retailer has committed itself to cleaner energy recently. Here’s why.

  • Recent investments in wind and solar farms

  • Has provided comprehensive and accessible energy efficiency products

It also took out the 2018 Most Improved energy retailer from the Guide.

Still not sure about how to make a switch to sustainable energy? Head to the Australian Energy Regulator’s comprehensive tool.

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