Suburbs vs. the city: what's the difference?

suburb city difference

As the cost of urban living in Australian cities continues to climb, many of us are flocking to the ‘burbs’ for a bargain. So what are the major differences between city dwelling and the serenity of suburbia?

You might be surprised to learn that the landscapes of our cities’ greater regions are transforming. Gone are the days of cookie cutter estates and picket fences that were once symbolic of life outside the city.

In fact, more and more residential developments are taking the best elements of city living - cafes, culture and community and incorporating them into suburban developments that add value to our lifestyles.

Bowden, which sits on the fringes of Adelaide, some 2.5km away from the CBD, is a great example. Residents regularly come together at Plant 4, transformed from the old Clipsal building into a modern relic, to purchase fresh produce, attend craft markets or community events.

In addition, the local eateries incorporated in the development, reflect what you’d find roaming the streets of Melbourne or Sydney. They include: Japanese tapas, Greek cuisine at Voula’s and Beach Organics for certified organic coffee roasted onsite.

Bowden is just one example of bringing the best of the city to the outskirts.

In Hamilton, Brisbane, its Harbour Residences offer a similar blend of convenience, affordability and lifestyle that once seemed unattainable in the prestigious suburb.

The apartments are surrounded by walking paths and cycleways, as well as public transport options including buses, ferries and trains. It also sits among a plethora of restaurants and bars, ranging from casual to fine dining.

What do Bowden and Hamilton have in common?

They’re both Green Star rated communities that have been built with social and environmental sustainability in mind.

As Australia continues to exceed its population growth forecasts, it’s not so far-fetched to think that the places we now consider suburban, will become major hotspots for cultural activity, economic growth and property investment in the future.

Use our interactive map to find your nearest Green Star community or apartment.

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