What are your living priorities?

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We’ve talked about managing expectations and compromising in order to climb the property ladder, but what about determining your living priorities?

Unlike letting go of the dream of a backyard swimming pool or inner city location, living priorities are aspects of your next home that will serve to benefit your needs and enrich your health and wellbeing.

Here are some living priorities that you may want to consider while house hunting.

Where are you facing?

Often referred to as the ‘aspect effect’, the direction in which your property faces can have a huge impact on your quality of life. North, or north-east facing, homes are considered the jackpot when building , or buying, as your living spaces will be drenched in direct sunlight throughout the day. West-facing houses are the least desirable in the hot Australian climate as the afternoon sun can turn your home into an oven during summer months.


According to Domain, the top living priority for Australian apartment buyers is access to public transport. With traffic increasing in our major cities, more people are opting to catch the bus or train into work and it’s important to consider where your closest stop or station is. In Green Star communities, such as Barangaroo, residents are connected by a range of walkways, cycleways and transport options.


Sustainability isn’t just an issue to be considered at home – it’s also becoming an increasingly important part of choosing the right workplace. With the rise of agile working environments, we will start to see the two worlds blend more and more as Australians increasingly take up the option of working from home. This means you’ll need to consider if your new house or apartment is well connected to high-speed broadband. Most Green Star communities provide access to both fast internet and public WiFi.

Depending on how or why you’re choosing to buy your next home, it’s important to consider the basic living elements that can ultimately make your life easier – or harder!

It’s crucial to make a list of what you consider your living priorities to be, and let them guide you towards finding your dream property.

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