Home buyers: What should you compromise on?

homebuying compromises

What are your non-negotiables when hunting for a house?

According to realestate.com.au, these are the most common things Australians aren’t willing to budge on: • Good natural light • Privacy • Street appeal • A second toilet • Storage

Whether you’re a first time buyer, family or renter, this seems like a reasonable list to work from when it comes to the search for your next home.

But is there a point where we need to stop, think and compromise?

It all comes back to budget and considering how you can find the best deal for what is manageable financially for you in terms of mortgage repayments or rent.

Depending on your situation, there might be a whole list of non-negotiables that join your short list, when you consider the benefits of living in a Green Star community.

Enjoy what’s on your doorstep

Perhaps you’re set on a family home with a large backyard? What if you were within walking distance to parks, playgrounds and cycleways? Maybe you could live with a smaller backyard and enjoy sharing a much larger expanse of green space alongside your fellow community members?

In communities like Ginninderry in Canberra, smart planning and residential engagement initiatives mean green spaces are right on your doorstep.

And at Alkimos Beach in Western Australia, every home is within 400m of a park to encourage residents to maintain an active, outdoor lifestyle.


If you have children or are planning to start a family, living close to schools is a non-negotiable. This is why it’s important to consider that sustainable living means so much more than installing solar panels on your roof.

Most Green Star communities are highly accessible to schools, public transport and amenities, making sustainable living easy living. Aura on the Sunshine Coast, for example, has up to 20 schools in the pipeline.


Realistically, the time to think about what we are willing to compromise on comes about when we start to understand how far our budget can stretch.

It’s crucial to consider how much you can fork out for mortgage repayments or rent before signing on the dotted line.

But there are many other costs that will have you reaching into your pocket each month – such as ongoing energy and water costs, transport and maintenance.

Most Green Star communities feature a range of housing options, from terrace houses and apartments to large family homes. Housing affordability is an important factor in any Green Star-rated Community, making it easier to get your foot on the property ladder, or move up a rung.


Finally, many of us might consider location to be a deal breaker when house hunting.

But the benefits of living in a Green Star community – economic, social and environmental – might outweigh the benefits of those inner city suburbs. Choosing a suburb that is further from the city but on a fast train line may end up saving you more time than inner city digs with access only to buses.

So, when looking at that list of non-negotiables, a Green Star community may tick all your boxes.

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