Alkimos Beach: making a community cohesive

alkimos beach community

Nestled along the coast just north of Perth, there’s more to Alkimos Beach than world class environmental elements that have given it a 6 Star Green Star – Communities rating.

A joint development by Lendlease and LandCorp, it’s home to Australia’s first community scale battery storage trial and boasts solar panels on every house built within the precinct, but it’s what happens on a social level that makes Alkimos Beach a pioneer in sustainable living.

It’s home to the Sprout Community Hub, a clever way to band residents together and pave the way for small businesses to thrive.

“There are a range of initiatives at Alkimos Beach, from the Sprout Community Hub that is helping micro businesses get off the ground to the financial incentives that we offer to help residents invest in solar panels and energy efficient air-conditioning,” explains Lendlease General Manager Communities WA, Anthony Rowbattam.

“These are helping residents embrace more sustainable ways of living for many years to come.”

Imagine a place on your doorstep where you can hire a co-working space to get your side hustle, no matter the stage or size it’s at, off the ground.

Or host a community event or meeting about an issue you’re passionate about.

What about just meeting up with new neighbours over coffee, sweets and artisanal cheeses?

Although most Australians live within a short distance from a local café or park, it’s the intent behind Sprout Hub that makes it a shared space for collective growth and community spirit that makes it truly special.

The fees to book a space at Sprout Hub are small and better still, completely free for small community groups and not-for-profit organisations.

These kinds of incentives are what make living in a Green Star community a cut above the rest.

As Rowbattam says place where sustainability is more than just about the panels on your rooftop and how you can best store your rainwater.

“Living in a 6 Star Green Star community is not just about energy and water efficiency. It’s about creating a community that is a great place to live.”

Ask yourself – how much is your community giving back to you?

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