5 indoor plants for a healthy home

pothos devils ivy plant

While we’re all used to tending to hanging plants and backyard veggie patches, we could be overlooking some of the powerful health benefits of keeping indoor plants.

Big or little, slight or strong, more people are choosing to turn their homes into micro forests to reap the rewards of sharing space with plants. You can even get crafty using old teapots, mismatched crockery or recycled pot plants to house your new friends.

If you’re not quite a green thumb yet, but you want to deck out your digs with healthy plants, here are some to start off with.


snake plant

Don’t be put off by its name, the snake plant is renowned for improving air quality. Recommended by NASA, it gets to work at night converting CO2 to oxygen, making it perfect for the bedside table to ensure. The snake plant also filters formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, toluene, and benzene from the air so that you can breathe easy.


aloe vera plant

An oldie but a goldie, aloe vera is one of the most house-friendly plants useful for its magical healing properties. Its thick leaves are packed full of a soothing substance that can be used to treat minor cuts, scratches and sunburn. Sourcing straight from the plant will also save you money on aloe vera gels.


crysanthemum plant

Vibrant and bold, it’s easy to see why chrysanthemums are referred to as ‘mums’. Aside from their colourful blooms exuding happiness, mums are fantastic at ridding the air of benzene – a chemical found in cleaning detergents and paint.


weeping fig plant

Got carpets or rugs? A weeping fig is ideal for a living room or study as it filters out harmful toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene which typically nestle into carpets.


indoor plants benefits

What’s your favourite plant or flower? Set aside some space in your house or apartment and keep it there! Put simply, plants are pure happiness. There have been studies that could link your favourite blooms to boosting concentration and memory, improving mental health and strengthening relationships.

Just remember that some plants can be toxic to animals and children, so be sure to ask a plant expert at your local nursery and garden centre before you buy or grow anything.

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