What is a Green Star apartment?

green star apartment

A Green Star rated apartment sits in a complex or development that has been assessed based on its sustainable features.

The apartments are environmentally friendly without sacrificing comfort.

Developers have thought outside the box when it comes to their design, by using as many natural resources as possible to ensure energy efficiency. Apartment owners and tenants benefit due to reduced operating costs, as well as knowing they are doing something positive for the environment they live in.

The benefits of living in a Green Star rated apartment or complex include:

Healthy living: Better indoor environments that reduce rates of respiratory disease, allergy, asthma and sick building symptoms.

Financial savings: Green Star rated apartments are cheaper to operate due to being energy efficient, water saving homes, with vital amenities on the doorstep.

Travel costs: Green Star rated apartments are located close to public transport options, often allowing residents to ditch their cars completely or reduce to one per household.

Outdoor spaces: Residents of a Green Star rated apartment typically enjoy access to more greenery and outdoor spaces than a non-Green Star rated apartment.

green star living room

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