Why community is more than bricks and mortar at Bowden

bowden community

Developers may build the community, but people make the place

Not even the best architects, planners and designers can create a community through bricks and mortar alone.

A community is a collective spirit and a shared purpose – not just a string of houses connected by streets. So, when you buy into a community, what is it exactly that you are getting?

We’ve all heard stories about people buying into communities months or even years before the schools, shops and public transport networks take shape. But people need much more than housing and connections to water and electricity.

The solution is to build in essential services from the earliest stage of a new community.

And this is exactly what Renewal SA and the development team behind Bowden has done.

Bowden is on the western edge of the Adelaide City Parklands, and will one day be home to 3,500 people. Hundreds of people have already moved into this 5 Star Green precinct, which already has a wide range of community amenities for residents to choose from . At Bowden there’s a state-of-the-art gym, cafes and restaurants, an authentic pub, well-stocked deli and a vintage shop. An artist-run not-for-profit space is a magnet for locals working in the arts. Nearby, a photographic studio, art gallery and co-working space have been converted from a bare warehouse, and are now popular with some of Adelaide’s elite artists.

A dance studio runs regular classes, circus workshops reach out to at-risk youth, and a cyclists’ collective gets together weekly to work on their bikes. Bowden’s Sunday Organic & Sustainable market is a staple for locals, with people flocking to sample the super fresh fruit, vegetables, coffee and the odd hemp shirt. Tania Rover, a new resident, is sold on the community. “What I’ve really loved is that they’re trying to build this community. We’ve had wine and cheese nights to get to know each other, and the little touches like the free community library are great.” The unique approach to the streetscape includes meeting places where residents and visitors can stop for a chat, kerbless streets where people on foot and bike take priority, and parks with BBQs, water features and games for kids to play.

Bowden’s mantra is “it’s the people that make the place”, and as people start to move in, they are gaining the benefits of a community that was built from more than bricks and mortar.

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