First home buyers search ends at Fraser's Fairwater in Blacktown

Prateek Chatterjee of the Property Observer

frasers fairwater blacktown first home

Buying a first home can be a daunting task, as Lukas Szymanek and his partner found out.

The couple went house searching for a year, until a billboard pointed them in the direction of Fairwater. “After a year spent looking for houses, we started to think we wouldn’t find anything within our budget. Then we discovered Fairwater,” said Lukas. Fairwater, being developed by Frasers Property Australia (formerly Australand) in Sydney’s west, comprises two, three and four-bedroom terraces, townhouses and free-standing homes starting from $627,000. The community is close to Blacktown’s shopping precinct and train station. “Being close to the hospital, train station and surrounding amenities was really important for us. We also have an IKEA and Costco close by, as well the park across the road,” said Lukas. Their house is part of the largest geothermal heating and cooling community in the southern hemisphere, according to Frasers. The environment-friendly technology can save up to 60 per cent on heating and cooling costs compared with a traditional air-conditioned home. The temperature underground is cooler than the air in summer and much warmer in winter. Geothermal technology uses this constant temperature by circulating refrigerant through pipes 80 metres underground. When the refrigerant returns to the surface, most of the cooling or heating has already taken place, thus saving on energy costs compared to traditional air conditioning. The Fairwater project has got a 6 Star Green Star – Communities rating from the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), the first in New South Wales. “It’s been a really refreshing experience. We have been helped through every stage, from information sessions to picking the colour of materials – you become very involved in the entire process,” Lukas said.

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