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What types of homes can achieve a Green Star rating?

Green Star ratings can be achieved for a wide variety of residential projects:

Apartments and town houses:

Apartments like One Central Park in Sydney, which has been named the world’s best tall building, and Forté in Melbourne are just two examples of the apartments around Australia with Green Star ratings. Town houses – like the Prince’s Terraces Adelaide – can also gain the Green Star tick of approval, but individual freestanding homes are not yet able to be rated. But watch this space!

Green Star communities:

Master-planned communities – like Aura on the Sunshine Coast, which will one day have its own postcode, and the carbon neutral Barangaroo South in Sydney’s CBD – can achieve Green Star ratings.

If your community has a Green Star rating, this means the design of the community is sustainable – but that does not cover each individual home within the community.


Green Star retirement living:

If your retirement village has the Green Star seal of approval, you know your entire village has been assessed and meets Green Star’s best practice benchmarks – from the quality of the common areas to the design of parks, walking paths and connections with the broader community. The rating is for the whole retirement village, not individual homes.

Georgia States

"With Green Star I am able to save so much money that would normally go toward bills" -Georgia States

Georgia States

Georgia is a middle school teacher who sees the value of teaching our youth sustainable practices. When asked about how she teaches her own children, Florida, 11, and Arkansas, 9, sustainability she simply replied "Show then tell. Not the other way around".


Georgia chose a Green Star home for the savings, health, and sustainbilty benefits she holds dear to her heartt. "I could never not live in anything that isn't Green Star or sustainable after now living with Green Star".

Read Georgia's full profile below

With Green Star you get the best.

Something special

Your development is one of a select group internationally that is prepared to exceed requirements and be independently scrutinised.

Quality of life
Above and beyond what typical developments offer.

Peace of mind 

That someone independent is
checking what is being delivered.

An investment in the future

You are purchasing in a development that is designed for future needs - not just today's.


Once you have bought into Green Star Living you can sit back and enjoy the benefits

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Green Star Home Products

The Green Building Council Australia does not certify frestanding residential houses but with a knowledge of Green Star you can help make your home and community more sustainable. As well as, the Green Building Council Australia does not support or recognize brand specific products. However, our team looks for ecolabel that help tell us if the product in question is considering indoor pollutants, sustainable products, responsible building material, and local procurement. For your home, you can look for ecolabels for your carpet, cabinetry, furniture, and much more. Use the same independent ecolabels we use and search these organizations for your home products:

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