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Who uses Green Star? Everyone!

Whether you realise it or not, you've probably encountered Green Star buildings
or communities many times before. In our capital cities and regional areas alike there are Green Star buildings and places of all shapes and sizes.

You may have had a coffee in a Green Star-rated shopping centre, worked in a
Green Star office, attended a lecture in a Green Star university building, visited a relative in a Green Star retirement living village or enjoyed the benefits of a
Green Star apartment.

And with thousands of projects across the country bearing the Green Star seal of approval, it's not just big cities that are reaping the environmental, social and economic rewards created by Green Star. Smaller towns and regional communities are starting to see Green Star-rated projects popping up too. 

Why should I choose a Green Star place to live?

green sar home benefits

A Green Star-rated place has been designed and constructed with sustainability in mind – and that means it's a better place to live.

Some of the benefits include:


Better health

  • Because Green Star apartments are designed to maximise fresh air, sunlight and connections with the outdoors, and to minimise the use of toxic materials, they are healthier. Research has found that green homes can reduce the incidence of asthma and allergies, for example. 

  • Green Star communities usually come with facilities that encourage walking or cycling, and many have resident exercise and active living programs. Access to community gardens, fresh produce and health facilities, which are great for your mental and physical health, are hallmarks of Green Star communities.

Better investment

  • Green Star apartments can be better investments for a range of reasons. They can cost less to heat or cool, which means less money spent on power bills. They usually have good access to public transport, car and bike share schemes, as well as work, education and amenities close by, which can save petrol or even owning a vehicle. If you are purchasing a property as an investment – this may add up to slightly more rent. If you are purchasing for yourself, it may– mean
    more money in your pocket.

  • Developers of Green Star communities factor in as many local work, education and social opportunities as they can into their planning and design. Having a range of amenities and services nearby will always make for a place where people want to live and a better investment.


Better for the environment

  • Green Star-rated buildings use two thirds less electricity on average, produce two thirds fewer greenhouse gas emissions and consume half the water. That’s an investment in your future, and the future of the planet.

Higher standards

  • In Australia we have minimum planning requirements for communities and minimum building requirements for homes. Having a Green Star rating means that your apartment or community has been designed and built to much higher standards – Green Star standards. The GBCA independently checks that each Green Star development meets its promises, giving you peace of mind.

Why do I get a Green Star rating for my home?


Getting a Green Star rating isn’t easy – which is why you can trust that a Green Star rating is a mark of quality.


Green Star ratings are only awarded after a developer or builder has demonstrated that they have met a range of best practice benchmarks for sustainability. This will be different for each development – but will generally include energy and water efficiency, how the building or community is designed to make the best use of its natural surroundings, the quality of the indoor environment, such as natural light and ventilation, and how waste is recycled and managed.


A developer or builder must commit to a Green Star rating from the earliest stage of a project, and all units, apartments or houses are rated as a collective, either as multi-residential complex, a full community or retirement living village.

With Green Star you get the best

Something special

Your development is one of a select group internationally that is prepared to exceed requirements and be independently scrutinised.

Quality of life
Above and beyond what typical developments offer.

Peace of mind 

A panel of independent assessors award our ratings.

An investment in the future

You are purchasing in a development that is designed for future needs - not just today.


Once you have bought into Green Star Living you can sit back and enjoy the benefits.

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What's the difference between 4, 5 or 6 Star Green Star?

After undergoing rigorous testing by an independent assessor, a development will be awarded a rating – either Best Practice (4 Green Star), Australian Excellence (5 Green Star) or World Leadership (6 Green Star).


When your apartment has a Green Star rating, you can be guaranteed that it well and truly exceeds the planning and building codes in your area.

At this stage, individual houses cannot be Green Star rated.

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