What is a Green Star apartment?

For most people, location and price are the biggest considerations when looking to buy a new apartment. But most people are also looking for a home that is comfortable and healthy to live in. A home that is well connected to public transport and has easy access to green space, shops and services. And a home that is affordable to operate today and is a good long-term investment.

And that’s why, increasingly, people are relying on a Green Star rating as a trusted mark of quality that confirms their apartment meets their needs.

A Green Star rating is an independent ‘tick of approval’ that your apartment has met the rigorous criteria established by the Green Building Council of Australia.

To receive a Green Star rating, the design, construction and operations of your apartment must meet industry best practice for sustainability in a range of areas – from water and energy consumption through to materials, finishes and fixtures selected.

This means a smaller environmental footprint and lower energy and water bills – leaving you with more money to spend on the things that really matter.

When you purchase a Green Star apartment, you know the developer has embraced innovative design and leading-edge thinking to deliver a building that makes best use of green space, has easy access to public transport, is close to shops and services and is deeply connected with the local community.

Thebenefits of living in a Green Star rated apartment or complex include:

Healthy living:

Better indoor environments that are low in harmful chemicals and have high levels of fresh air and natural light reduce rates of respiratory disease, allergy, asthma and sick building symptoms.

Lots of green space and easy access to pedestrian walkways, fresh produce, local shops, services and public transport encourage active living and connections within your community. 

Save you money:

A Green Star apartment can put money back in your pocket. Green Star-rated apartments are energy and water efficient, which means they are cheaper to operate. Close to public transport, your Green Star apartment can help you save on travel costs too.


A smart investment:


A Green Star rating is an independent ‘tick of approval,’ giving you peace of mind that the project has met a rigorous set of sustainability standards to achieve their rating.


Good for the planet:

Green Star-rated buildings consume half the water and two thirds less electricity than non-green buildings. They also produce less than a third of the greenhouse gas emissions. When you purchase a Green Star apartment, you know you are making a positive contribution to the planet.

With Green Star
you get the best.

Once you have bought into Green Star Living you can sit back and enjoy the benefits

Something special

Your development is one of a select group internationally that is prepared to exceed requirements and be independently scrutinised.

Quality of life
Above and beyond what typical developments offer.

Peace of mind 

That someone independent is
checking what is being delivered.

An investment in the future

You are purchasing in a development that is designed for future needs - not just today's.


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